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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  November 18, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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is a privilege, not a right and protecting aviation is a national obligation. from the first local station with news and high definition, this is 9 news now. good morning. welcome to 9 news now. today is thursday, november 18th. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. friday eve as you call it. angie has traffic in a minute. first, weather. >> more excited tomorrow. weather wise, get the jackets, gloves, got the chill out there. many areas in the 30s. good news today, winds are lighter than yesterday when some gusts were near 40 miles per hour. this morning as we look at the day planner, you see we have sunshine and clouds move in. early sun, partly to mostly cloudy today. temperatures climbing into the mid-50s by noon, upper 50s at 3:00. expect it to be the high at 58 degrees. by 6:00 p.m., down to 53 with west winds at 5 to 10 miles per hour. that rain system coming into the midwest, kentucky, tennessee, so midwest,
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kentucky, tennessee, so uthern indiana, expect that to split us with some moisture north and south. down to 30 in men as is, 35 in sterling, columbia, 41, andrews, arlington, 43. highs in the 50s with mix of clouds and sunshine. angie goff has time saver traffic. >> good morning. we are getting the green light this morning. looking at live conditions on the outer loop, inner loop at university is where we have construction set up taking away a few right lanes. overall, flow of traffic not doing bad on both loops. 270 northbound at 189, watch for road work there. southbound, everything all nice and clear. beltway in virginia, construction between route 7 or dulles toll road and route 50. all should be clearing by 5:00 hour. then on 395 at the 14th street bridge, no surprise there, stay to the right to get by.
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we have on-going construction to the left. traveling up 95 in virginia heading northbound, still looking at one hour commute from fred riksburg to the mixing bowl. 4:32. while you were sleeping, crews continued to repair portions of farragut north metro station. >> this is after pieces of concrete fell on to the platform. one of the pees set to be the -- said to be the size of a human head. >> reporter: because it means in bringing in heavy equipment, the station is closed for emergency inspection of all 6 dome releafs here. passengers seemed unsurprised. >> that's what the metro does. we are kind of used to it at this point. i am sure i will have to get on a train, get off, get on tomorrow, have it stop, the usual.
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>> reporter: before the station was closed, rush hour commuters continued to use it. a portion of station platform had come down. they didn't learn of that mishap for an hour, immediately closed connecticut avenue to traffic to cut down on vibration. >> the big thing was reduce any additional vibrations. initially we weren't sure what caused that problem. >> reporter: they weren't reduced during the height of rush hour. >> we were notified about 4 to 5:30. the situation may have occurred in the 3:00 hour. again, we would like to have been notified as soon as possible which we can get here, assess the situation. a regional taskforce recommended that crucial and dramatic changes take place at metro. the panel is calling for stronger leadership of the transit agency, more input from
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the mayors. greater flexibility electing board members whether elected or not. the second suspect in brian betts murder case is expected to plead guilty. they expect sharif tua lancaster to admit his part of the murder of the middle school principal. he was found dead in his home in april. another suspect, alante saunders, pled guilty for his role in that murder last week. in a fewer hours, jury deliberations continue in the chandra levy trial. before leaving yesterday, they asked for a photo of the suspect which was taken around the time of her disappearance. one of the key questions whether or not ingmar guandique had scratches on his face the night after she went missing. he faces murder charges in the
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disappearance and death of chandra levy. a police officer arrested in prince georges county corruption scandal is accused of conspiring with criminals. federal prosecutors say the officer bought a 50 caliber rifle from a suspected drug dealer. also say they taped him buying a half kilo of cocaine during the investigation. he is one of three prins georgia police connected to an alcohol and cigarette smuggling operation. they are accused of getting untaxed booze and cigarettes across state lines. there's a push to have leslie johnson step down, the wife of county executive jack johnson. the couple was arrested last week in the corruption investigation. residents say if johnson doesn't step down, they will, quote, protest daily and block her from taking the position. well, despite sweeping changes after mid term elections, looks like the leadership remains largely unchanged in the house of
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represent tifs. >> as joel brown reports, decision to maintain status quo came without much debate. >> reporter: nancy pelosi holds onto power as leader of democrats in the house. >> it is about jobs, reducing the deficit, and about fighting for the middle class. i look forward to doing that with this great leadership team. >> reporter: in contentious closed door vote, democrats elected pelosi to lead them when they become the my minority party next year. she survived a rebellion of democrats. die hard pelosi supporters won the day. she raised millions of dollars for fellow democrats and that paid off. while positions made for some drama on capitol hill, it was a different story when the other
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republicans were putting up a union ietd front. as expected, house republicans backed ohio congressman john boehner as leader. that means he'll become speaker in january when the gop takes over the house. >> this election was not so much affirmation of us and frankly rejection of the president's policies and speaker pelosi's policies. >> reporter: republicans spent the day in closed door meetings with a flood of gop freshmen, and celebrating congressman boehner's 61st birthday. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> talks between the white house and gop leaders were supposed to happen today but were postponed due to scheduling conflict on part of the gop. republicans say the white house announced a date without checking with their leaders. widening project. a traffic plan frederick county residents have asked for for a long time. looks like it is finally approved. and next up, the world's largest retail chain announces plans to enter the district. coming up on 4:38.
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welcome back, 4:40 this thursday morning. we are in the 40s at reagan national at 46. many areas in the 30s. some in low to mid-30s. consider that when you grab your jacket. as far as the day planner today, upper 40s at 9:00 with partly sunny. noon time, 56. 5:00 p.m., 55. upper 50s. how is time saver traffic? >> checking westbound route 50, all good from bay bridge towards washington. more real time traffic and check on 66 in the next traffic report at the 4:49. back to you. time for the first your money report of the morning. >> jessica has today's headlines. wall street in holding pattern.
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big day today. >> it is a big day today. in terms of wall street, we've been in a holding pattern because of concerns out of europe about the debt crisis there. global stock markets rattled in the past week on fears ireland will be the next european country needing bailout. the concern is that the dow- jones is down for five sessions in a row. dow is at 11,007 after losing 15 points yesterday. getting close to 11,000 again. nasdaq was up about 6 points, and s up a fraction. but this will be a good distraction for investors. general motors making its remarkable return to new york stock exchange today. the automaker will sell stock to the public at $33 a share. it is going public again after being bailed out by the government, emerging from bankruptcy 16 months ago. most of the stock will be sold by the government, which is trying to unload 61% stake in the company. the housing market continues to struggle, despite record low mortgage rates. government says new home
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construction fell nearly 12% last month, mostly because of weakness in apartment construction. overall, home construction is 77% below peak in housing boom of 2006. analysts say it could be years before it returns to healthy pace. walmart coming to d.c. they plan to open four stores, hire 1200 people in d.c. by 2012. two stores expected in northwest on georgia avenue and new jersey avenue. one at the intersection of new york avenue and bladens berg road, and fourth at east capital street and 58th street southeast. big excitement about this. >> 2012, that's only a year and change away. that's a lot of construction to take place in 12 months. >> walmart can do it. >> jobs leading up to it, and once it opens, more jobs. thanks. if you're in trouble, need to call 911, there may be an app for that.
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and next, food and drug administration says alcohol and caffeine are okay in drinks, just not at the same time. 4:43. we will be right back.
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weather first. an hour by hour forecast to plan your day. good morning. it is 4:45. weather first. howard says bundle up. >> we have a chill today, but not bad. it is november. sun will be out for a little while. >> huge moon out now. >> this morning. but some clouds are coming, too. should be a dry day. it's decent, it is thursday. we're almost there. let's get you going with your moms like forecast. definitely chilly. readings in the 30s, lower 30s in spots to low 40s out there. sunrise, 6:54. sets at 4:52. earlier and earlier. we have early sun sets for another three months. 9:00, partly sunny, 49. west winds running 5 to 10 all
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day. partly to mostly cloudy through the day. noon time temperatures in mid- 50s. top in upper 50s. should be around 55 by 5:00 p.m. for the drive home. if outside, obviously some jacket. looks like we stay dry in spite of what we are looking at to the west. got some sprinkles here into kentucky and indiana. locally just some clouds well to the north and west. a few starting to get to virginia. i think we will see a few more as we go through the morning. temperatures, 30s and 40s across the region here from new york and philly up to williams port at 42. pittsburgh at 47. 40s in town. culling pepper, 36, win chester, 37. annapolis, 47. cambridge dropped into the upper 30s. frederick, 41. we've got 46 with light wind chill. light southwest winds, 3 miles per hour and our humidity at 61%. there's a lot of chilly air in the country, especially across
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the rockies. al behind closed kurk ee down to 19 degrees. a storm system, looks like it brings rain. everything suggesting that the moisture is going to split us up to the north and east. kind of fall apart in the deep south. meantime, generally clear skies, high pressure built in. that's really helped crush winds from yesterday. by 8:00 this morning, still with the high pressure. notice the clouds getting closer and closer, going through midday, mostly cloudy, some showers in ohio, pennsylvania. a few may sneak in towards shen and dough a valley, northwestern virginia. not expecting them to survive the trip across the mountains. by 5:00 p.m., some colder air. we will see rain showers changing to snow showers in higher elevations. seven springs, down to snow shoe, yes, skiers, a few more weeks. we like to see the signs so they get the base going, get the snow guns going at night. we have until friday, another piece of high pressure builds
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in. a chilly day. towards the weekend, front up north, high pressure pulls away. saturday winds turn more southwesterly. we bump temperatures back up for saturday, closer to that 60 degrees mark. high temperatures today into the upper 50s. we may flirt with 60 in one or two spot. mid-60s in shenandoah valley. here is the next three days. kind of up and down trip here. cool today, seasonably cool, upper 50s, variably cloudy skies. tonight back in the 30s. cold tonight, and chilly friday. 52. playoff football games tomorrow, yeah. blanket throws and hot chocolate, temperatures in the 40s for those games. saturday, 60 degrees. i am going to be at the penn state game, playing indiana. sunday up to 52:00. monday we warm up, tuesday
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looks good. travel wednesday could be wet on the roads with temperature of 60. angie has time saver traffic. >> thank you. on this thursday morning, giving you the green light on the roads and rails. got word that farragut north metro station is now open. let's take it over to 66 as promised headed eastbound. past route 50 towards the capital belt, watch for construction between route 50 and dulles road. all should be clearing quickly. inner loop at maryland at university, losing a few lanes this way because of that road work. should be clearing by 5:00. 95 going southbound, 32 down towards the beltway as you look at real time graphics. nice, clean and green. similar situation on the washington parkway. finally, wrapping up in d.c., smooth ride now, tracking it on inbound new york avenue. a great example of lanes opened in the district as of now. in the next report coming up, a
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check on mardz roads at 5:01. -- on maryland roads. widened road north to frederick has been approved. the 3.4 billion dollars plan is opposed by smart growth advocates that favor plans that include mass transit. the project extends hov lane that currently ends in german town north to frederick. no word when construction begins, project scheduled to be complete by 2030. the d.c. council has 45 days to decide what to do about the possibility of plans for street cars. if the council takes no action by january 4th, that plan will automatically be approved. initial proposal was for the first street cars to be up and running again by the spring of 2012. this would be 50 years after the last street car stopped running in d.c. food and drug administration is taking the first step at getting those alcoholic energy drinks off store shelves.
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>> federal health officials say powerful combination of alcohol and caffeine is unsafe. some companies need to stop making them. canned as gibson has more. >> reporter: this college student tried a few alcoholic energy drinks. >> most i did was one and a half. i felt like i was having the time of my life that day. >> reporter: the combination of alcohol with caffeine can be dangerous. wednesday, fda issued warning letter to four companies that make alcoholic energy drinks saying mixing the two is a public health concern. >> they will need to change the manufacturing of these products in order to be in compliance with the law. >> reporter: the flute flavored drinks have names like liquid cocaine, blackout in a can, are especially popular on college campuses where dozens of students were sent to emergency rooms. one can of the most popular brand contains the alcohol of four to five weers. -- beergs. add caffeine of four cans of soda, the jolt can be more
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dangerous. >> caffeine impairs the ability of the drinker to tell they are drunk. it means you continue to drink more alcohol beyond the point where you would naturally have passed out from drinking. >> reporter: they are now removing caffeine from the drinks. alcoholic energy drinks are banned in four states. students in washington stock up before that ban takes effect thursday. >> sold maybe 30 cases just this morning. >> reporter: as for this man, he gave up with the drink. >> it messes with your heart. >> reporter: they warned the government can seize the drinks if companies continue making them. >> the companies that make the alcoholic energy drinks have 15 days to respond to the fda. united brands making one of the products says it disagrees with their action but will continue to work with regulators and legislators to ensure compliance. virginianess looking to hold them or fold them may no longer have to go out of state.
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>> norfolk city council will ask governor and general assembly to allow river boat gambling, according to virginia pilot. >> they tried 3 times before to get it on ships, but all three failed in general assembly. long time member of gop rallies to defeat a tea party new comer. and next, me or facebook. can social networking lead to divorce court? let you know. >> talking about marriage before we go to break. time for the question of the day. >> people that exercise regularly sleep more soundly than what group. children with asthma, people that work out in the evening, or men that work out in the morning. answer to the facebook page, we will provide it in a bit. 3q
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call or click today. welcome back. 4:56. clear skies now. chilly out there with 30s and 40s. some of the low 30s. by 9:00, look at the clouds overspread the region. go mostly sunny to mostly cloudy an ad variable clouds through the day. noon time temperatures, 56. a few showers in shenandoah valley. clouds thin later this evening as temperatures fall from upper to mid-50s for drive home. 4:56. university of maryland professor believes a touch of a button on a smart phone could be the difference between life and death. here is the explanation why. the professor developed an application that would allow crime victims and witnesses of crimes to transmit audio and video and their location to police. the professor needs a hundred thousand dollars to launch this
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application. warren buffet among the people award presidential medal of freedom. it is the nation's highest civilian honor. former president george herbert walker bush and maya angelou among the recipients. he will present those awards early next year. thou shall not use facebook. >> it may not be a commandment, but the concept commanding attention around the world because of root in march cal problems. >> new jersey pastor even ordering all 50 of married church officials to delete their accounts. >> britany morehouse looks into it. >> reporter: from the moment typing fingers wear the bling, the whole facebook thing changes. even these georgetown freshmen know how the site can cause tension in a marriage. >> because you can see everything your spouse is doing, every person they talk to, it is like if it is a
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jealous relationship anyway, it could be an issue. >> reporter: if you ask many therapists, those issues sometimes spell the end. this doctor counsels couples locally. >> i don't think it is the site itself that hurts relationships. the site is used to connect people. so the actions that people take are what hurt their relationships and the attitudes they have. >> reporter: attitudes and actions like flirting online. >> they start thinking it is not going to hurt anybody. sometimes can take on a life of its own. >> reporter: especially when exes start to poke around. >> my college girl friend happened to contact me yesterday. i have not told my wife yet. i told her not to contact me again though. but my wife would have been upset had she known about this. >> and you didn't friend her? >> i did not friend her. >> reporter: so is that a rule to follow?
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>> no, no. >> reporter: you can friend exes? >> if you are going to do something with somebody else, you're going to do it one way or another. >> reporter: mainly borrow a page from one married galloway that knows how to avoid it. >> usually we have a good laugh, a drink, call it a day, move forward. >> one out of every five online divorces claim facebook is a problem. one in five adults uses facebook for flirting. >> i think it mag any findings other problems that already exist. >> and you have people with virtual relationships online. >> facebook one of the more milder sites in that respect. all right. so thank you for joining us. 5:00 a.m. get in on the conversation. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. >> angie, how


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